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Helping your friends and family grow in their prayer life is one of the best gifts you can give because it’s life transforming. 

Intercessors Arise is power-packed with 33 motivational teachings on prayer.  It’s inspirational, and filled with stories and prayers to help Christians grow in their prayer life.  Each chapter is practical and has application assignments to make prayer real and easy to grasp.  It’s for young and old, beginners in prayer and well-seasoned inter-cessors. Non-Christians even enjoy this book.      

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Soon to be released are two new books on prayer and two children’s books on prayer.

Do you desire to grow in your prayer life? 


Do you need the encouragement and training to arise to your full potential in prayer? These four books are designed to help re-lease your destiny in prayer and intercession. Beginners, seasoned intercessors, and prayer leaders alike will gain from the insights in these book. The practical and motivational teachings will help lead you into a life of fruitful prayer and intercession.

"24/7 Prayer Arise: Building the House of Prayer in Your City is a strategic book written to help encourage and instruct the Church globally as she arises as the House of Prayer for all nations. After starting and directing the International House of Prayer Missions Base in Kan-sas City, I recommend Debbie's book as a practical learning tool for 24/7 prayer. Debbie's experience with 24/7 prayer will give you understanding into what you will face step-by-step as you seek to see prayer permeate your city. Whether you are a beginner or a well-seasoned intercessory leader, this book will be helpful in getting you started right where you are. 


Debbie's experience with 24/7 prayer will give you under-standing into what you will face step-by-step as you seek to see prayer permeate your city. 24/7 Prayer Arise is filled with stories to keep you engaged and motivated in prayer. It addresses the blessings as well as the diff-iculties that are commonly faced in establishing a prayer ministry. We are living in the most dynamic season in history. It is time to arise as the Church to Jesus’ great call to become the House of Prayer for all nations  

(Isaiah 56:7).” 

MIKE BICKLE, Director International House of Prayer Missions Base (IHOPKC)

Kansas City, MO

"Debbie has done a remarkable job of explaining the finer details, and practical considerations, that one needs to take into account in raising up a prayer covering for your city. Debbie’s insights are inspiring and encouraging, and I am certain the fruit of her hard work will be many, many more people who are mobilized to pray for their cities. And of course the outcome of that will be transformed cities, nations and continents. My prayer for you is that you will be blessed and encouraged as you read this book, and that you will have the courage and the commitment to act upon what God may want to share with you about prayer for your city! If we stand together we can see the whole earth transformed by the Glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14)


Founder and Chairman
Global Day of Prayer

Chairman of Transformation Africa and Unashamedly Ethical

Cape Town, South Africa

Four books on prayer to help you in your prayer life!!

Igniting the Fire of Prayer Worldwide!

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